I am a dreamer and a schemer.  A father of a deaf autistic child.  I am an artist.  I am a Jack O’ All Trades.  I have an interest in the paranormal, religion, UFOs, mythology and Politics.  I am a skeptic, I am more interested in how beliefs affects people’s the view of reality.


45 thoughts on “About

  1. From one artist to another, I love your art! Thank you by the way for visiting my blog today and liking my post. Did you get a chance to scroll down, as I have some of my art in earlier posts.

    Also have you checked out my other blog at http://the777man.com? We are having a writing contest, that you can participate in two ways. One writing, and two voting.

    I had a young autistic friend who captured my heart one day when I was working in the nursery. She was much older than the toddlers that I was watching, but she could not handle the next age up. When her mom came in she was shocked, because her daughter was asleep on my lap! Even when she would see me at a park in a huge crowd she would try to say my name. All that came out was sssss. What a true blessing these children are.

    Peace and Harmony,

  2. Thanks for looking at my blog.

    Nice doodles!
    I love the art of doodle… They tend to take the doodler to places they didn’t mean to go.

  3. I had not seen this before I actually saw your “doodles” which I really like. They are interesting and make me think. My son in the spectrum is 11 and he is non-verbal and makes me self reflect as well. I’m very glad that I stumbled upon your blog. 🙂

    • Thank you for your comment. My son is also non-verbal, going to be 10. He does communicate a little with an Ipad. Ah the joy of hearing a robot voice saying, “I want mac & cheese all day long.”

      Sorry to hear about you nose. OUCH!

  4. hey friend, love your page and your intent with it – keep it going, and thanks for checking out my site too – im with you on the ‘one thing a day’ quest 🙂

  5. I accidentally touched the iPad on another blog which led me here – the chaotic happening is a wonderful thing. Diverse images and interesting musings – another one to follow 🙂

  6. I found you by accident when I was working on my Gallery of the Arts page. We are based near the Scottish Borders and I often meet the artists at our local art/cafe which is also called Off The Wall. They would love you there, so if you are ever in Brampton……….

  7. Can you beleive we are both still around as we are nearing the end of the year! You are one of the only people who I have followed all year who still blogs regularly! I love your blog and miss it in the days I don’t get a chance to come for a visit! You have become a friend over the year and I hope you will always blog on!!! Love to you and yours, Lorelei

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