I Want My Mummy!

I Want My Mummy!

I Want My Mummy!

I was watching The Bride (the monster I made for Tik) and have grown concerned with her behavior.  She does the biding of the vampire without question.  She is ruthless and backstabbing to others and shows no compassion to anyone but Vamps!  This compassion seems to be forced though, as if it is done more out of fear than true heartfelt emotions.

I talked to my Wizard friend about this, and after a long scolding in the dangers of creating monsters, he told me the problem is…

“She is a child without a mother!”

“So she needs a mommy?” I stated.

“Yes!” Was the wizard’s replied.

I told Tik this.  Tik got it in his head his duty was to find her one.  He failed!  He did not come back with a Mommy, instead he came back with a Mummy!

I truly have a monster mess on my hands!


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