Wolfman George!

Wolfman Goerge!

Wolfman Goerge!

I’m finding really hard to create a pet for my monster buddy Tik. (The nickname I gave Tikinstein)  Almost all the little monsters I have created after him have progressively been losing the ability to show human compassion.  Tik seams to be full of it and I do not want him fall into darkness by not receiving any in return.  If I can not make a loving pet for him then one had to be captured.

Tik and I set a trap of hot wings and wolfsbane!  We caught this booger of a beast today.  Tik loves him and he loves Tik.  He is like one of those large dogs that thinks he is a little lap dog.

I asked Tik what he was going to name him. Tik replied, “Wolfman Jack!”

“Really?” I answered back.  You do know of the real Wolman Jack is right?

Tiki said, “No”.  Then went into deep thought.  “I will name him George he yelled with laughter!  So I can hug him and pet him and call him George!”

“Tik,” I said, “You can call him anything you want”  and off to drink beer I went.


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