I Want To Be Alone

I Want To Be Alone

I Want To Be Alone

Captain’s Blog; Star Date 05302013WP:

I put in a request for a one maned exploration corvette class ship.  I wish to fly into deep space where the connection to the NET requires probes.  I just want silence.

To my kind I am a hero, the captain of a ship that swooped in at the last-minute, safe from an enemy EMP bomb. My crew and I unloaded all the fire power our ship had into the hull of the biggest ship produced, The Heart Faith.

The Heart Faith was weakened. Her shields required all her power to protect herself from the EMP waves she released.  Her shields went down. All power diverted to her guns.  Her crew was thinking they where safe, her enemies knocked out and awaiting death.  If that ship’s guns would have gotten back online we would have lost a whole base full of my people.  The EMP would have prevented any saving of souls.

Despite this, I think all Pure-Fleshers I silenced forever.  All the unique souls that can never be restored.  We Transhumans have a great desire to preserve our uniqueness, our memories and our ideas.  Our technology is to designed to make individuals last forever if desired.  We don’t ever need to leave this vast universe due to death.

I heard the screams of Tranhumans when they are “shut off” carried over the NET.  We can know the pain and experience of death, but we can be reborn…

The screams of all the Pure-Fleshers I silenced will haunt my dreams for a long time.


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