New Home

New Home

New Home

Transhumans have won the war but at a cost, we killed many Pure-Fleshers in a battle in Sector 110.  This win made many against use lose heart, for their conscious end with death, while ours can be transferred into personal drives, then installed in either clones, machines or The Net.  (which we have regained control over)  Those installed in clones made great spies mingling undetectable due to no integrated tech.  Some of our kind went into the web in order to hijack our enemies ships so we did not have to destroy them, instead transferring them to outposts scattered throughout the universe away from loud speeches of their leaders.  Distance will turn them into their own thinking minds.  Some of the war-torn Transhumans residing in cloned bodies have joined them in hopes of making new peaceful human cultures.

Those fanatic Pure-Fleshers that still hold onto their destructive cult beliefs have returned to Earth, opting to use old technology that we can’t infiltrate.  We will let them have the planet and look for a new home away from them.  At times we will check on them, just in case their new primitive way of life becomes a possible hostile threat, but more than likely they will choke the Earth like their kind has done in the past.



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