The Universe Is A Big Brain

Not so long ago I read a few articles about how scientists have evidence the universe is a big brain.  Let us compare some pictures of the two.

Brain & Space

Brain & Space

Wow,  they do look very similar!  Reminders me of an equation I put in my art quite often.  Something that popped in my mind a long time ago after reading The Gospel of Thomas.  The words where, “When you make the inner like the outer and the outer like the inner.”  This translated into my thinking mind as the greater equals the lesser.

The Greater Equals The Lesser

The Greater Equals The Lesser

This basically is a big part of my philosophy, a hermetic philosophy of macrocosm and microcosm, that the larger cosmos mirrors the smaller cosmos.  For example; let us look at a solar system vs an atom.

Solar System vs An Atom

Solar System vs An Atom

Very similar, perhaps more than we know!  What does it mean, maybe nothing.  Maybe it is just a bunch of hoopla!  That simple equation though guides my morality, for to me it means…

No matter how great I may become or feel I have become, I am no less important or different then the “lesser” and no matter how small or “lesser” I feel there is a whole great universe inside me.  The same is for all of us and The Universe may prove it.




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