Out Of Hibernation! (Well Almost)

Business Cards

Business Cards

Hi everyone!  I feel safe enough to say winter is over.  The coldness lasted a little longer then I could handle and my seasonal dysfunctional disorder (The Winter Grumpiness) really just set me back.  Seriously, if the 20 degree weather would have lasted into the first two weeks of April, I would have committed myself to a loony bin.

I have so much to tell…

First off, I failed getting a new job and ridding myself of the job I hate.  You see I had a really great interview. I was told by the gentleman who interviewed me, “I was his first choice.”  He told me, “I had the job just based of my resume and just wanted to meet me to be sure.” He also told me he was even more excited!  Then he sent my information off to the HR department.  That is where it fell apart.  They did not like my references. They kept calling me and asking me for someone different.  At one point of time when I returned a call to give them someone different, the person answering the phone was not the person I had been dealing with.  She asked if I wanted to have this person to call me back.  I started my sentence with “NO” only to be interrupted and be asked, “If I no longer wish to have her call me.”  I said, No I want to leave a message on her machine with the number for a new contact.  I am at work and I can’t answer my cell, therefore she will not be able to reach me till 2.”  The response was, “Oh, Ok then.”

This went on for two weeks.  I had someone who I work with now call them, despite the risk off being fired if my bosses found out.  He told me the interview went well.  I even went as far as to have someone call and bullshit them to find out what was going on.  I was told they asked all the right questions and it went really well.  They called me and again said, “No not good enough.  Do you have someone who mentored you call us.  We really want to hear about your work ethic.”

I called them back and told them I have exhausted my contacts, risked the job I have now and if we can’t get past this then I want to know so I can move on to other prospects.  The response, “Could you give me a mentor or a team leader.”

“I gave you a team leader.”  I stated, “We are done if we can’t move on!”  She asked for the same thing, I said, “Good bye, thanks for your time.” I hung up.

Someone else quickly called me back,  asked for the same thing.  I told them what was going on for two weeks, and I have no one else for you to contact and you will have to make your decision on what you have.  The response, “So let me verify that you no longer are interested in the job.”

I hung up, shook my head and said out load, “Fucking Robots!”

This added to my winter blues as well as the cold sucking up the little money I make and turning it into the heat needed to keep my family’s toes warm.  I also realized I am not going to have money to replace my broken white Macbook until tax return.  Unfortunately, that money went to paying off one of my wife’s credit cards, the last of the winter bills, and a late rent check.  Sigh!

What little money I have left will go to my car that just developed a loud muffler sound right before inspection time!

Now the good news…

I will be doing a space painting demo for the Notre Dame restaurant tour on May the 4th at 530 main Street, Stroudsburg Pennsylvania between 1-4 PM.  I had the above business cards made up.  I will be using my Twitter account as a way to hopefully reach out and sale the damn things.  My wife will also be selling her crafts.

Lesson learned;  “If you can’t find a job, make one,” and “Do what you love and the money will follow.”


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