One Year Blogiversary!

1 Year at this!

1 Year at this!

Today is my blogs one year old birthday!  A year ago I wanted to blog, could not think of anything to write about so I decided to doodle.  My blogs original name was “A Doodle a Day.”  Doodling once a day was easy at first.  Sometimes I doodled more than that, but eventually I stopped and change the name to “Off The Wall.”  This blog was to become my online gallery.

I stated I was to do lots of things like a comic, a cartoon, 3D sculpture, space paintings, art to thoughts and many more.  Some ideas failed (due to me) and a few ideas continued.

As I look back at my art I see pieces I love, pieces I like and some that in my opinion that are just out right crap!  I posted it all and waited for comments good or bad.  I got a lot of good ones, but never any trash talk.  Bloggers are a lot nicer than forum trolls!

I thought about posting a list of my top commenters and my top “likers” but I feel that would be unfair.  I’m sure I would miss somebody!  So I encourage all viewers old and new to check out the bloggers that like and comment to this post, for I am sure my dedicated followers will be there and their blogs and worth the look! To you my friends, and you know who you are, I say THANK YOU!  I greatly appreciate the encouragement to keep blogging and making art.  I hope to see your post for many years to come, and I hope you will continue to enjoy my blog for many years also.


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