Ice & Steam

Ice & Steam Logo

Ice & Steam Logo

“We come from the land of ice and snow from the midnight sun where the hot springs blow.”  Robert Plant

Here is an idea, another fantasy world trapped within my mind.  I wish to share it with you.  Maybe one day it can grow, become more than just an idea.  Alas I am just an ordinary fellow.  My writing ability limited, my talent for art the same.  I would need help from a talented pool of individuals to get it where I would like to see it, alive in the minds of others.

It is a Victorian age world.  Technology and science are on the rise, but the world is trapped within an ice age caused by an asteroid knocking the planet of its axis.  The asteroid has deposited strange metals on this planet, aiding with technological advancements and science.

The science of this world can be described in one word, Steampunk!  The inhabitants of the planet have drilled down into the planet’s magma layer in order to stay warm.  They use the plentifully ice and heat to create steam to run their machines and keep them alive.

There are four major races on this planet.  The tough sturdy Ape Men,  The once rich ruling class Pig Men, and humans.  Some of the humans though tend to carry on traits of animals, like the butler that looks somewhat like a penguin or the sultry female lady of the night that looks and catlike.

The other race is the Howlers, a humanoid wolf-like race of savages.  They have a primitive mind but a strong hunger for meat.  The Howlers and the other monsters of the frozen waste land can cause major grief for anyone caught outside the protection of Steam Cities.

There are other tidbits that make the world interesting, like the Ape Men where was slaves of the Pig Men.  There are undead ghosts that linger in the cold winds ruled by an evil undead king, and let us not forget the giant glowing jellyfish and can be tamed to carry baskets full of people and goods across the frozen icy tundra.


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