The Tragedy

The Tragedy

The Tragedy

Caption’s Blog date still unknown.

It has been some time since my last entry.  A terrible tragedy has happened.  An unknown evil has released an e-virus that swiftly infected a large segment of the Transhuman population, pitting us against each other as well as the Pure Fleshers.  If not for a few strong-willed cyborgs creating a vaccine, all types of humans may have disappeared from the universe.  Unfortunately the whole population of human identities that existed purely within the NET are dead, never able to speak again.  In order to prevent their infected collective consciences from taking command of all Starships and attacking Earth, the data frame that held them was destroyed.  The Government leaders (mostly made of Pure Fleshers) ordered all backups to be erased due to possible infection.  This was an act of fear, but evidence is showing it was just.

I myself resisted by disconnecting myself from the NET.  It was done to late.  I eventually succumbed to the virus.  The computer part of my brian shouting to my flesh, KILL and DESTROY!  I was stopped by my crew thankfully.

The NET is down and will remain so until it is checked for threats.  All Transhumans have been removed from duty until further notice.  I fear we may never be trusted again.



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