Seal of Naamah

Seal of Naamah

Seal of Naamah


This is the Seal of Naamah, a spirit that has the art of seduction and love-making down to a science.  It can appear as a man or a woman depending upon the circumstance needed.  If you want to seduce someone or just knock the socks off your lover this is the seal for you.

To use it is simple, burn the seal via a candle lit by your heart’s desire and Naamah will tell you all you need to know to get the job done!

WARNING! Naamah can get attached to the person it is aiding.  If that happens, Naamah can be hard to get rid of.  It will do anything to increase your sexual desire so it can feed off your pleasure.  You may find yourself interested in the erotic or maybe even falling into burning passion and adultery.

You have been warned, so if you can’t stand the heat don’t even go into that kitchen.  It is hotter than Hell in there!


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