Seal of Protection-Revenge

Seal of Protection-Revenge

Seal of Protection-Revenge

This seal calls forth two brothers, an angel named Marmaroth and a demon named Mastema.

For this magic seal to work you must place it in a bottle that once held wine and bury that bottle in the ground near the entrance of your domain, like your driveway.  My troll friend has his under the floor boards near each door of his house.

The purpose of the seal is to protect you from intruders that mean harm.  If a not so nice person enters your domain, Marmaroth will help you be rid of him.  Once he is past the seal that is when Mastema takes over.  He is NOT NICE!  He will do his best to push the your foe in directions that will lead him to be caught by police or even worse.  More than likely worse if Mastema has his way.  Marmaroth at times may step in for a less serious punishment.

Marmaroth and Mastema have the ability to see how ones actions affects others.  If they foresee someone might do something that will affect another (even if they are not born yet) in a manner that aids in “The Big Purpose,” that person may fall under their protection.  If they foresee that someone’s actions may screw up “The Big Purpose,” well people die strangely for reasons sometimes we just can’t fathom.  Karma is a bitch!


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