My Scream

My Scream

My Scream


4 thoughts on “My Scream

  1. Your instincts might be right. The triple nuclear meltdown in Fukushima that hasn’t been fixed yet might take our species out.

    Hate to be a gloom and doomer but I have a reputation for telling people uncomforatable truths. Japan is gone and people in N. America are getting sick. Cesium, radiation and plutonium are leaking out of the reactors and going into the air and water currents straight to N. America. It hits California, which is our main food source. Its in the food now. It ships throughout the country and all of us eat it.

    Avoid Japanese and N. American food sources.

    I plan on enjoying what I have with whatever time I have left and I don’t worry about it. Everyone should do the same.

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