I have decided to take my little Hogboons over to a comic hosting website called Smack Jeeves. You can see my redraw of the first attempt here The Hogboons :: Comics – The Hogboons: Entrance.

Not sure if I will continue posting the comic here on WordPress or just post the other art I do.  Ratings have been down but so have I.  It is going to be a nice day today, not so hot and I need to do some space paintings.  My wife sold some for me!  I have to replenish my stock.

That is all the news I have! C-YA! 🙂


7 thoughts on “Moving

  1. Oh yes, the ratings :). I have the same problem, when I write about my puppets, which my blog is supposed to be about. So who cares…. I am sure the Hogboons will be laughing in the end

  2. My stats have been down since the beginning of summer. I guess most people are out doing fun things. Here in AZ, this is the time we don’t go out as much but we’re backwards (in more than one way). Just plug away and forget the stats.

  3. Congrats on selling your paintings!! Great news. I have missed you in my reader feed but I don’t know how or why. Looked you up tonight and have enjoyed what I have seen!! Keep at it…do what you love, love what you do!!

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