Hogboons In Full Color

Hogboons Color

Hogboons Color

Here are my little Hogboons in full color.  As you can see the broom character has been replaced with an old toy horse.  He is old and his stick is warped but his wisdom makes him the perfect straight man for this comedy team.  Their names are Bucky, Bucket and Balloon!

I believe I am going to make this my project. Well, I am going to stick with it!  This will be my web comic!

This project went though a full process.  I started with a pencil and some stencils, then did some pen work.  I scanned it, traced it in Artrage and then colored it in Sketchbook Pro.  I use Photoshop Elements to thicken my lines and add noise.

Work on the human girl they become friends with, the house they live in and a bunch of other characters…

The Wood Booger

The Fairy Princess

The little girl’s Aunt

The Old Lady Babysitter that believes the house the little girl lives in is haunted! (She is always trying to do an exorcism)

There are lots more!  Stay tuned.  I am sticking with this one!  (crosses fingers)


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