Tales From The Rooftops Part 2: The Ambulance Driver

I remember sitting in this diner with my grandfather as a kid.

He knew everybody and everyone knew him.

I have great memories of this city.

They are all sunny and bright, but now…

Even when the sun is shinning it is dark.

At any moment in time my cellphone is going to ring.

I am going to be told to rush off to some street at the corner of somewhere and pick up

some poor victim of a crime.

Sometimes it’s bad, real bad, and the poor hurt soul asks me not to keep them alive.

They are so ashamed of what was done to them…

In a state of unforgettable pain.

I should have left this hell hole,

but I can’t.

My daughter is still here

There is no way her momma is going to let me take her,

and that dirty crook lawyer husband of hers, got judges and thugs in his pocket.

Phone is ringing.

Got to go,

one dead, one really messed up and one hysterical woman.

My night shift begins.



2 thoughts on “Tales From The Rooftops Part 2: The Ambulance Driver

  1. I liked the line about being asked not to be kept alive. When I hear about some people who suffered greately, sometimes a crime, but sometimes just an illness or accident, I honestlly wonder if they could maintain a life worth living.

    • Being a father of a special needs kid and seeing other children that keep going on like little impervious tanks, I myself would continue going on despite any hardship and pain till I dropped because those kids are my heroes and role models….

      But, if someone was sick or an accident put them into a world of unbearable pain and they wished to be released, I have no right not to keep them from it.

      I would rather be able to download their being into a fully functional synthetic body at let them go on happily, but that is another moral issue we humans may face one day if we don’t blow the planet up first.

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