More Awards Part 2

Bottleneck Consensus  nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award!  Thank you very much!

versatile blogger

versatile blogger

And, createityourself nominated me for The One Lovely Blog Award!  Thank you very much!

one lovely blog

one lovely blog

Both of them have the same rules, thank the one who gave them to you.  Check and done!

Now I have to answer 7 random questions.  I’m just going to give the answers.  You readers can ponder the questions…

1: Brownish, Yellowish Mustard

2: 3+Infinity

3: 2 Miles past the train tracks

4: Belly Button Fuzz

5: The troll that lives down the street from me

6: Maybe someday, but right now they are red

7: Kelly or Sam, or maybe it was that dumb ass name Bert

Now I have to pass them on…

Hmm, This will have to be continued.  I really need to escape the evil zombie baby!

Zombie Baby

Zombie Baby


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