W.I.P. Dragon

W.I.P.  Dragon

W.I.P. Dragon

I recently found out Pixologic, the makers of a program I have been wanting forever called Zbrush, has a free program called Sculptris.  The program has been downloaded onto my trusty white Macbook and I am putting through some very pleasing paces.  It is basically a Zbrush-lite.  One day I will bite the bullet and just buy Zbrush.  It has been on my wish list forever!  I will need a new computer to run it.  A new com is in the works either this summer with the release of the new iMacs or October when Windows 8 PCs are rolled out.

I feel like I discovered this program just in time.  Someone asked me to illustrate a dragon for them.  They gave me a description of the creature.  I thought to myself, “Have you seen my blog?  Really, You want me to do this?”  I can see the dragon from birth to old age.  Oh if I could just hook my brain into a printer and get the images out!  That would be sweet!  This program is the next best thing.  My journey with art continues with new tools.  Time to hatch the dragon within my mind!


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