More Awards

I was given 3 awards, but blogger laziness keep me from jumping on them right away.  Time to take care of them now like I promised.

The first 2 was giving to me by The Wandering Youth  They are the…

and the…

Thank you very much!

The Next award was given to me by dedepuppets.  This one is the…



Thank you also!

Now I have to answer questions and pass these awards on, but since I am rebel in nature and doing three awards would ruin my lazy mood until the coffee kicks in, I decided to combined the three into a new award called the “Super Nova Blogging Star Award!”

The Super Nova Blogging Star Award!

Now I am going to pass this award on, but in order to claim it you must answer just one question…

Why do you Blog?

I will answer this first.  I blog because it keeps me creating.  I have a bad habit of doing things and keeping it to myself.  Then I stop.  I have thrown out so many creations that no one has ever seen.  Blogging saves these poor creations and has kept me from convincing myself I have more serious things to do or come up with.  Art is a great stress release for me, whether I am painting, playing guitar or doodling on paper.  Sharing these creations gives me a feeling of completion, like putting a period on the end of a sentence.  When someone notices them I get the urge to begin again, therefore I need to thank all of my followers for looking at my art!

Now To Pass This Award On…

In order to keep my award from turning into a big blog spam event I am going to limit it to two recipients.  The award is going right back to the ones that gave me the above awards as a Thank You gesture for following me and spreading the word about my blog.  Thank You The Wandering Youth & dedepuppets!  You can pass this award on or not.  It is up to you, no pressure!  Now time to go spray paint and stop being a lazy art poop!


6 thoughts on “More Awards

  1. Oh, I am delighted to be one of the first recipients of the inaugural “Super Nova Blogger Star” Award. I knew I could count on you to come up with something witty.
    I personally think an Award is one step up from the simple “Like” and there is more to the answers than meets they eye (and yes you have passed the test :). I already have thought up my acceptance speech for your award, I only have find some worthy recipients I can pass it on to.

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