Martian Landscape

Martian Landscape

Martian Landscape

Captain’s Blog Star Date 5222012-wp;  I have been ordered to report home to Earth.  First stop, Mars, I am dropping off alien artifacts to the UEC Research & Development Laboratories.   Mars was once inhabited by an advanced alien race.  What happened to them archeologist do not know, but they believe the Martians took to the stars as the planet died.  I can’t believe Mars finally has an ocean!  The terraforming project is going well.

Second stop, Earth,  All Transhumans must undergo a physiologic evaluation this year since the Automation Pirate War.  My Earth Sector fought hard against this, stating it violated our civil liberties, but when it put to a civilian vote almost all Pure Fleshers called for it.

Third stop, Saturn’s moon Titan.  I am being commissioned a new ship, a Nautilus Class!  I will have a crew.  No more lonely hours talking to drones and solo-pods.  Wow a Nautilus,  I will be able zip through space and explore the deep oceans of alien planets!  The only thing I am not looking forward to is the damn name ceremony.  I have no idea what to call her and I hate wearing suits!


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