The 100th Post

This is my 100th post!  I like to take this little thing and turn them into big thing by giving thanks to my followers, update you on my progression.  I also have decided to do a little recap of the last 100 posts.

First, an update…

My airbrush has arrived.  I do not have an air source yet!  Still researching that option.  I might go with an air tank since my wife works at night and does not need to here a compressor going off while she is sleeping.



Second, my posts…

The favorite post so far is Caught A Dream.  It has the most views and likes of all my post.  The worst post is Muffler Face .  Poor little guy!  Don’t worry he does not care.  He is happy being my starship mechanic!

Third, my top 5 commenters are…

1. incidentalllearner

2. Art Gluttony

3. susangeckle

4. 30 Minute Art

5. kofegeek

Check out these blogs!  I like them!

Fourth, The most important thing I learned about art…

Don’t throw your art out just because you, the creator, thinks it is garbage!  Some one out there will like it!  I am guilty of this.  The only time I do it now is if the wind blows a painting on the fresh-cut grass or I spill coffee on a doodle!  I have some space paintings I hate, but friends or family likes and wants them!  I have posted stuff on this blog I do not care for but someone ends up hitting the like button!


6 thoughts on “The 100th Post

  1. You used to do that whole “throw out” thing with music too… I can’t even tell you how many good songs you just let vanish for what ever reason, even though they were good songs.

  2. Congrats on your 100th post! 🙂


    Thank you for always bringing me inspiration through your creativity, inspiring stories, sense of humour, and beautiful photos. Your blogs truly brighten up my day and inspire my own creativity. Thank you! For this, I’ve nominated you for this Very Inspiring Blogger Award. If you would like to accept this award, you can follow the instruction on my post “Thank You“


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