So I have 2 coupons for two of the local big mart art stores in my area.  One coupon is for 40% off and one is for 50%.  I won’t disclose the names of these stores I have the coupons for.  Instead I will combine them under one name for convenance.  Hmm, let’s use the name Michael Moore, a tribute to a film maker.  So I have been researching airbrushes all week and decided to get one, but to my surprise (not really)  the price Michael Moore is selling them for is little more than twice as much as you can find them online.  Hell, with the coupon you are not saving money at all!  Your not even getting a deal! WTF!  That means without the coupon you could have purchase 2 of them online vs. only one Michael Moore is selling you!  I did not buy from them.  I will just get my small supplies from these stores.

I did order an airbrush online.  It is a good one.  An upgrade from what I originally intended to buy.  It is not the best of the best.  I don’t need the best.  I do know what I want it to do and made my decision based on that.  I have many hobbies and experience has taught me, buy good stuff from the start.  It will save you money in the long run if you stick with it.  I lesson I learned from going through acoustic guitars until I finally purchased the one I have now, the one I want my ashes placed in, my old Martin.

As for what is coming next, I really don’t know.  My space paintings are starting to look the same to me as I begin to mass produce them for craft fairs.  There are techniques I still have yet to “pull off” that I am practicing, I am making stencils, I hope to master the airbrush and add some rich detail within my paintings, like cities and starships.  I am already looking ahead for when the cold weather returns and have to put space flight on hold.  We shall see, and thanks for paying attention. 🙂


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