My 1000 Like


I just got my 1000 like, Given to me by susangeckle!   Thank you so much!   If you have not checked out her blog you are missing some really good art.   Head there now!   Ok maybe you want to finish reading this first.

I am going to take this moment to let you know what is coming next on my blog.   I am going to try airbrushing.  This weekend I’m taking advantage of some coupons at my local art stores and get what I need.  Space painting will not go away but rather evolve into Spray Paint + Airbrush Art.  Airbrushing is something I always wanted to do.  Every time I do a space painting I think, “Oh, If I only knew how to airbrush.”  Well life is too short to wonder.  So here I go, off again in another direction!


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