Under The Sea

Under The Sea

Under The Sea

Captain’s Blog star date 5052012-wp:  The mysterious haunting sound has gone silent.  I have found no life on the surface except large colonies of a kelp like vegetation floating on the seas.  This planet has very thin ozone layer, and its sun has a bad habit of releasing waves of gamma radiation.  The kelp seems to eat it up then turn it into oxygen.  I have sent my harvesting drones out to gather the resource.

I decided to put my starship in orbit and fit the Solo-Pod for underwater exportation.  The drop into the sea from space was rough ride, but the repairs I made  earlier are holding up.  The kelp has a root system!  Long straws pipe oxygen down to the dark sea floor.  I hit my lights in the darkness and was amazed to find familiar looking creatures.  Thanks to the kelp I can use the Solo-Pod’s water jets to refill my tanks and stay underwater for as long as needed.


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