Little shout out for my new phone.

I had the very first Iphone.  I loved it.  The economy tanked, I lost my job and to save money I went to a pay as you go and sold the Iphone on E-bay.  I have been missing a smart phone now for 2 years.  I planned to get one again but I just did not see one that interested me and thought I would wait till a Iphone 5 came out, but then the new Nokia Lumia 900 hit the stores.  I have been a Mac user since Vista came out.  I would normally not touch any thing Windows, but having played with the beta Windows 8 my interest in this phone increased.  I went to the store, played with the phone and it came home with me.  I had to use my wife’s PC to update it and my google account to transfer contacts and info from iCal but after that initial tinkering the phone is sweet so far.  Everything on the web I do is in my hands.  The camera is nice and I will be using it to takes pictures to post on this blog.  There is a WordPress app, seamless Facebook integration.  The call quality is great it has a siri type function.  Heck it found a museum of modern art right down the road from me I never knew was there!

If you where thinking about this phone but was unsure I say give it a shot, plus you get the price of the phone credited to your AT&T bill if you buy it before the 21st.


4 thoughts on “Little shout out for my new phone.

  1. I am very surprised by its speed. The OS is just natural. Surfing the web is just as good as the iphone I had. I hope this phone gets more popular so the apps increase, for example to Angry Birds In Space!

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