What is to come

This a random rant.  That means no art just me, ranting.  My blog is changing.  Sometime soon I will change the title since I am no longer posting a doodle a day.  Hell that went out the window when I started!  I also will be re-categorizing my stuff.  When this all goes down I do not know.  I am looking forward to trying new forms of art.  One type will be “Space Painting.” I really want to try this, and if they are good attempt to sell them at local craft fairs.  I neglected an award or 2 somewhere.  Sorry about this.  I will get to them.  As summer comes my blog may not be that active, but I will try to take the time to do something.

I will be checking in daily on all the blogs I follow, and comment more and share thoughts rather than just hitting the like button.  I am surprised how addicting blogging and reading blogs can be, and also happy that I am into doing art again.  It is like finding a favorite lost toy from ones childhood.

I would also like to take the time to thank all that follow me, comment and hit the like button, and thank you all for the time you take to post some really interesting inspiring stuff.

“Art without viewers are just scribbles on paper waiting to go in the garbage can.”


19 thoughts on “What is to come

  1. I hope your summer will turn out the way you’d like it! and I am really looking forward to see your space painting! 🙂

  2. Great writing and all the best to you on your continued journey. That is. I think, why most of us start blogs Of course, on every journey we take we sometimes change paths for some reason or another! I’ll look forward to seeing you on the next part of your journey! Blog on!

  3. Dear C. C. Charron! I’m looking forward to the cha-cha-changes, along with the space painting. Keep doodling, though. When inspired! And don’t touch the name of your site! Just a suggestion. It works. By the way, I always smile when I see it, knowing something pretty darn wonderful is below it. Thanks for daily gifts! Theadora

  4. I too am addicted to blogs. The things found on here are so interesting. I dont hit the like button on all that I see though, but I guess commenting is definitely the nicer thing to do. I am guilty of not doing that though. Thanks for this

  5. Please stay in touch…Even tho I have not been a great responder to your likes and comments I have always enjoyed seeing your work and your icon! Best wishes on your new adventure…but really hope you stay in touch! Thanks for your support…and will look forward to hearing where you are wandering!

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