The Frustration of Insomnia

The Frustration of Insomnia

The Frustration of Insomnia

My autistic son does not need a full night sleep to function, therefore I do not sleep well.  Once the little booger is up and giggling sleep is over.  When I finally get him back to snoozing, I just roll around in a state of restlessness.  It has been going on so long my sleep habits are shot.  This week has been especially rough.

The above doodle is how I feel.  I have been let go by the Sandman and I am so tired I feel like I am falling forever and I just want to get it over with and hit the bottom already.  Oh, and yes, I do have a man nightie like the one I am wearing in the doodle.  :p


9 thoughts on “The Frustration of Insomnia

  1. Is it a common thread with creative types I wonder? I don’t sleep so well either, except when the alarm goes off for work…

    As for the man nightie, well I’m not too sure about that at all! Lol!

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