I would like you to introduce you to Missy Ann and her Hogboons.  The world has not been so kind to Missy.  She lost her parents.  How and why I have not really determined, but she now lives with her Aunt or Uncle, or maybe both.  They have moved out of the city to a rural area.  Her caregiver(s) moved them into an old farm-house that was rather empty except for 3 items, a broom, a small bucket and a balloon that was left behind from a realtor’s open house party.

Either due to an act of a lonely child’s imagination, God sending her 3 childlike angels or old fairy folk that have never grown up, she is no longer alone.  Missy Ann now has three best friends.  These little Hogboons are mischievous.  They are a mix of The Marx Brothers, Abbott and Costello with any of the old-time monsters and the 3 Stooges, but they love Missy.

I have had this idea for a while.  Originally the Hogboons where going to be a ghost, a Frankenstein monster and the Jersey Devil made out of an old curtain, a garbage can and a broom.  It is a mix of all the things I like, examples are  Calvin and Hobbies, the above said comedians and My Neighbor Totoro.

I do not know if I will turn this into a little comic for this blog.  I will try, but no promises.


4 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. great characters! Can’t wait to see what adventures and misadventures they might have… I love the expression and body language of the little girl. It really seems to express her experience so far. I hope she has fun with her new friends!

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