Hand Over Hand (I Love My Autistic Son)

Hand Over Hand

Hand Over Hand

I love my autistic son.  I know he loves me also.  He likes to tell me between 2:30 and 3:30 in the morning by turning on the lights to my bedroom and giving me a giggling belly flop before ducking under the covers.  The rest of the night my hand is his knee pillow and my head pillow is stolen.  I know I love him for sometimes those belly flops turn into a kamikaze head-but into the ball sack!  No one can tell you, “You don’t know what love is” if you can still make sure your attacker still has your pillow and is tucked in under the covers with a kiss on the cheek after taking one of those.  My son is also deaf.  I have a saying I made up.

I believe a mischievous angel convinced God into giving me an autistic child, and God said, “Well we better make him deaf too because there is going to be a hell of a lot of cursing going on.”

Believe me, a head-but to the nuts during a restful sleep in the morning hours leads to a lot of “F-Bombs” being dropped.

The above doodle is the hand print of my son in peaceful blue.  Over top of that is mine in a more restless red.  I call it “Hand Over Hand.”  It is how we teach each other.


6 thoughts on “Hand Over Hand (I Love My Autistic Son)

  1. I LOVE IT!! Thank you for sharing the beautiful drawing and story. I didn’t know you had a child with Autism. I totally understand what you are saying. The only thing here is that neither of my 2 are deaf so there is some of those F bombs going on in my head sometimes. My middle son recently headbutted me in the nose (not on purpose) and I am telling you that I saw all the planets and all the stars in the sky and felt as if my nose cracked because in my head it sounded like it and just put my hands over my face and the impact was so hard that I landed on my butt on the floor. I was waiting for blood, luckily there was none. Only two very dark circles (bruises) under the eyes and a slightly bigger nose. I looked like I had gotten a beating. So with my mouth (couldn’t with my nose) I took a deep breath and asked God what the lesson on this one was supposed to be. 🙂

  2. This is not only a beautiful artwork but is also a beautiful and touching story…even with the F bombs. Thank you so much for sharing a small part of your beautiful son with us. He and you are so very blessed to have one another.

  3. this is intense man! specially the pain in the nuts!!
    the red hand almost looks like a protective spirit over the blue hand… guess its true too!

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