The Mysterious Stranger

The Mysterious Stranger

The Mysterious Stranger

I read Marks Twain’s book The Mysterious Stranger and enjoyed everything but the ending.  I felt like it was cheap, but alas Mark Twain died before finishing it.  I assume maybe someone else who really did not understand the story’s message penned an ending so it could be published.  I do not know for sure, I did not do any research into it.

The doodle above does not represent any of the characters from the book.  I am just borrowing the title.  To me, the doodle represents a strange feeling I get, that I am missing someone or something.  Unfortunately I have no idea who or what I am missing or if I have ever known this person or had this thing.  By thing I do not mean something like an Iphone but more like an idea or…. I really don’t know!

This feeling at times, if discussed with those with an important reason for wanting me to believe in their god or way of life, leaves me wide open for a good preaching.  What they have to tell me though never seems to be it.  I also never discussed this feeling all that much to those who have loved me.  It does not go well with anyone who might have had a sight bit of self-doubt.  I don’t have to worry about it now, my wife knows I am weird and probably my son gets his Autism from me.

I call it my wanderlust.  It keeps me ever aware of people around me and searching for new things.  I imagine if I had a lot of money to do everything I would maybe find whatever or whoever holds the secret quicker, but then again maybe I would just get lost in piles of stuff and really large crowds.


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