The Frustration of Need

The Frustration of Need

The Frustration of Need

I had a definite direction I wanted to go with this, hence the easily noticeable anvil.  It is an OK anvil, not the best, but you can tell it is an anvil.  I actually had to stop and think how much I wanted to make the anvil’s weight, 150 lbs, 500 lbs  or maybe tons.  In the end after thinking about my subject the exact weight did not matter. All the observer needs to know is it is heavy.  Then came the scribbles.  I drew the lines as my brain tried to figure out how to express them and where to go next.  I doodled away and philosophized silently to myself on the subject.  During that time my subject title changed from Poverty to Need.  I scribbled some more, then got out my watercolors.  As I painted I thought how will I present this on my Blog.

I could tell you what you see is a man under the weight of need, tormented by emotions that can not be drawn so they are represented by creatures or demons. He is unable to get out from under the heavy burden.  I could hope this image makes you want to help those in need…

Or,  I could tell you this is a man burdened by the needs of others and can not find peace in helping them.  Instead he is being tormented by the needy, under their constant pressure and at the point of losing himself to them.  I could warn you to be careful who you help…

Or, I could tell you this is a man trapped under the weight of his own needs that have grown into addictions for drugs, sex, money or something as trivial as the latest gadget, fashion or video game.  I could hope this makes you reflect on what do you really need and what really matters…

Or, I could tell you nothing and let you tell me, or you tell yourself want you want it to mean, like a Rorschach test, an analyses of personality, of soul, a self reflection.


6 thoughts on “The Frustration of Need

  1. I think for me it represents the weight of obligation, decision, perception of lack of choice (or not liking the choices available) and the ultimate feeling of being pinned down and restricted, the removal of freedom to move and act. The anvil could represent age, ability, self worth, confidence. The “scribbles”, as you call them, could represent the struggle with internal demons of self doubt or the monsters that are disguised as societies expectations of normal.

    Sheeesh, that’s deep – glad it is Tuesday, all that thinking would have flatlined me on a Monday!

  2. well its lik a story what i saw here, its like the guy is hunting all the scaly monsters from the deep, and they finally get to him, but they don’t realise the extras that he has in store, all they needy people he has helped and all the good or bad he had done is squeezed out of him and is basically being weighed for or against his chances of pulverising the monsters’ anvil upon him and he’s stretched thin in anticipation of the result which depends on what he’s done/not done, though his hands seem to be protected his brain seem to be rotting! must’ve done some good in his life but thought much less.. interestingly there’s another head popping out of his neck, might be his undesirable self of which he’s getting cleansed so that he can wake up stronger?
    like i said your doodles are definitely thought provoking! this was ultimate!

  3. uhh…he looks dead to me…with all the intestines out….lol!! kidding. XD

    This is how it looks to me. He’s been taking care of the demons inside him. And then suddenly the anvil fell and somehow because of that the demons and all the unpleasant things went out of his body. But he can’t lift the anvil to set himself free.

    It’s like this:
    1. abuse/addiction (demons live inside him)
    2. sudden realization (the anvil fell, demons go out)
    3. overcoming the addiction/bad habit or facing the consequences
    (getting out of the anvil)

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