The Snail

The Snail

The Snail

First off, I like to say thank you to all my followers.  I got hit with some great comments and really appreciate them.  If you are following me I am following you.  Say that to someone you don’t really know off the internet who randomly says nice doodle and see what happens.  Oh, and now I have a Genesis song in my head… Follow You Follow Me, but really thank you so much!

I got a new mixed media sketchbook (Look No Lines wink, wink) and decided to give it a good random scribble.  I was close to quitting this doodle when I saw what I could turn it into.  A Snail.  I was also looking to add a new media to my stuff, like makers or liquid ink with a dip pen.  I am leaning towards the dip pen and ink, less chance of being water proof and messier.

Thanks again and I hope you enjoy!


6 thoughts on “The Snail

  1. I do love your work, it’s so unique!! Keep it up, particularly on weekdays – it is a much welcome distraction from the mundaneness (is that even a word?!) that is work!

  2. Haha love your drawing! It really caught my eye on the featured page. I wrote a poem and did doodles about a snail who travels the world on my blog, but you put my drawings to shame! Haha nice work!

  3. I am going to say this once more… I love your work! It is awesome! So is your unique style! It makes me think I should just get out the old sketch pad and doodle like the old days.

    Love it!

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