Monkey Bomb

Monkey Bomb

Monkey Bomb

A friend of mine ask for me to do a doodle of a monkey causing chaos or being inflected by chaos.  I thought about chaos, (being somewhat tied to it in this life)  I know that it is really hard not to get chaos all over you while playing with it.  Some how that evolved into a monkey attempting to blow up some of his poop, and not being a bright monkey he is way too close to it!  Hopefully for his sake, he did not hide any actual explosive in the dung!


One thought on “Monkey Bomb

  1. Thankyou for explaining tiur thinking to thos ine’s creation!

    We had an incident in the foyer restrooms at my workplace recently – I imagine the mess this would make would be similar! Ewwwwe but I’m giggling (I didn’t have to clean it!)

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