Doodle Done At Work

Doodle Done At Work

Doodle Done At Work

This doodle was done at work with a good ole’ blue BIC pen and some highlighters.  I might return to this concept, maybe make it bigger and better.  I have an idea of what I would like to do with it.  Hey can you see the Elephant?

All good real doodles are normally done out of the blue somewhere and on something not meant for art, like at work on a scrape piece of paper, within a notebook during a class or on a wall during a poop! O.K. that is gross!  Think of all the doodles that are thrown away in the trash or painted over.  Save your doodles!  Show them!


3 thoughts on “Doodle Done At Work

  1. I can see the elephant! I love your blog – I found you cos you found me first so thanks for liking my post so I could find you (oh and for entertaining me! This is going to be awesome to read each day at work!!). You’ve also inspired me 🙂

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