Genie In A Bottle

Genie In A Bottle

Genie In A Bottle

I started out ready to draw but a still sore hand from work forced nothing more than a scribble.  Lines were added till I saw where an eye was, then drew an eye where an eye should be.  From there the mouth and neck.  Not being great with proper anatomy, quick flowing lines for arms were used.  I rubbed my sore hand and then saw what this was to become.  A Genie in a Bottle was to be formed, but not a handsome fellow with a tongue full of charm to aid in deception!  No, this Genie has giving up on that!   He flies from his bottle drunk as hell yelling, “What the @#%$& do you want and make it quick!  Oh, I will @#%$& you and your dreamy wishes… Hey where you going? Get the hell back here!”


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